Thursday, December 4, 2008


In these pictures you can see exactly the things that we saw walking around this Small Village on the Island with a population of 400 people and 1 Christian man. As you can see it is still verymuch as it would have looked a long time ago minus all the appliances that are run by electricity.

Erie moutains

The Island was Amazing and walking around itself was so much fun, the only thing was the mountains were like a trip to me cause they looked erie like something out of a movie.

Bonfire Fellowship

Everytime we sat bye the fire it was a good time, very relaxing and Warm :D there is something about just kicking back with other believers around a warm fire on the beach that makes everyone feel so at ease and just able to have a blessed time.

Worship at Tonaki

OK so this is our first night at Tonaki and we were all just hanging out in the center and doing some ministry by doing some worship and then we watch a movie that is called "The God Story" which is from Gen - Rev all in Japanese. it was hard to watch for me cause i was only able to catch a few words at at time but it was cool to watch.

The Chairs

So there were some awesome Massage chairs and i really wanted to try one but i had to do worship but here are some of our friends enjoying them. i later realized that there was a defibrualtor right next to the chairs so i was afraid to use them. ha ha ha.

The Ferry Ride to Tonaki!

So there was a great ride to Tonaki Jima, some choppy water and some sea sick people. but the gorgeous view off the boat was sooo worth it (that and I didn't get sea sick i was just fine) all the islands that we saw were super cool and gorgeous.


Ok so i can explain, Tokito and I were walking down the street and we heard someone yell "stop that guy!" so me and Tokito immediatley turned around and tackled the person next behind us. it turns out the guy was on the other side of the street and we tackled an old lady..........ha ha no that wasn't true really there was just a car accident out infront of the Cafe and we decidedd to go and do a bit of our own C.S.I. and me, jessica, and tokito just had some fun with the camera.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Eder and friends

Here are just a few pics of me and a some of my friends out here. I love them all so much, i'm not sure Rob was to happy with me in that one tho. :D

i need to work out

Ok I know that i'm pretty strong but when stuff like this happens i know that i need to work out. I don't even know what to say, I'm sorta let down by myself right now.

Thanksgiving with Kinser

We got a huge blessing from Kinser and Chaplin Keith. He invited us out to Camp Kinser to share A Thanksgiving Feast with our Nations Soldiers! It was a blessing, the food was great, the company was great, and the music was great! It was over all GREAT!

Big Budda

no need for me to type. watch the video

In Korea

Here we have a tank that I am talking about in the video. In the States we normally keep fish and lobster in them so we can pick our food. it's a bit different in Korea.

The skies in Japan

Ok well as you can see from these pictures Japan has some of the most beautiful skies. This place is beautiful and who can complain, but at the same time there are alot of people here who have not heard of the Gospel and they walk by you everyday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Music a

i'm not sure what this thing is called but man it was one of the most beautiful sounds i had every heard. it's very choppy on the Cam though. i'm sorry about that, please enjoy.


i called this blog opportunities because i have a few pictures of different nights up at Korea. I put it up so you can see that there are so many things that God can use you for so long as you put yourself out there and let him work. The funny thing about this trip is that some of us were not expecting to end up out here at all, some even had very little desire to come out! but because we came out and let God do his work out here we were so blessed and all came back even closer to each other and most importantly the Lord. Not only will he bless everything you do but all the friends that you make will forever be your friends in the Lord which makes it that much more better.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Team Enzo

Ok so we were able to attend a night called "Free talking Wednesday" which basically some Koreans would sign up and come in to this coffee shop and hang out with real live Americans. yes that is about how exciting it was for them, they were pointing and giggling at all the boys and the girls (hopefully they weren't making fun of us). We got to sit with them and tell them a bit about ourselves and the Gospel. we were given Post-it's with different things and there was a game involved with that but basically by the end of it everyone had to match up with the category that was on thier note. Our team was cars and everyone settled on the name "Enzo" which is a type of Ferrari. Our catch frase was "vroom vroom Errr!!!" we had ton's of fun and I was super Blessed to be with all these guys and meet them all. I came away with alot of e-mails and alot of new friends. Praise the Lord

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

fellowship between fallen angels and the saints

Now you see here two Gentlemen who are able to fellowship and not throw punches even though the Dodgers are clearly the superior team the Fallen Angels fan is still sitting there quietly because of fear that the awesomeness of the Dodgers will over power him........ha ha ha no not really the Guys (Sosimo on the left and Rob on the right) were just fellowshiping and having a good time loving Jesus.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ode to Ice Cream

Ode to Ice-cream in Korea

It's nice and cold today. The other night I was in bed, I left my headphone's at the D house and had to double back after dinner for them. Bought my first ice-cream in Korea. We have eaten several of them already.

Lovely, lovely, lovely Cheap Korean Ice cream...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tom sleeping on the Job


Monday, October 20, 2008

First post

Time for an update I decided to do it this way because I saw someone do it this way and well it look much more professional than what I was doing before. So far it has been quite a trip a lot of growing a lot learning from my own mistakes and fully relying on God. It is a completely different world out here. The culture is super different and still it is very interesting to be a part of.
I have had many opportunities to go out and minister in different places and it has been a blessing, I was able to play with a Band from the church here called “Haku Gaijin” We played at a local center for Disabled children and right after we went to a house for Elderly in Japan or "Nursing house" for those who don't understand the previous term. every other wednesday i get the chance to go to Futenma and minister to marines by just hanging out with them, serving them some food, and even playing video games with them (Mom and you always said that video games could never be used to God's Glory. now they are being used for it!). to them it's good to get a free dinner and a movie and they are blessed and at the same time so are we. The other point of that night is to invite them to Friday nights at Futenma Chapel which is called "Shacainah Fridays" it is a bible study taught by Sosimo Avila for which I have been blessed to lead worship for and after that is over we head over to what we call the fellowship hall and we have Frappachinos which are made by our good friend Chaplin Woods and Chase. every single night here is a blessing because there is amazing fellowship between very passionate beleivers out here who just love to challenge and lift eachother up in God's Word and prayer. My schedule from Monday to Sunday is Monday is the Sabbath for the school and is used for taking the student's sight seeing. Tues-Friday is School and Ministry. Satuday is where we take the day to clean and any oppourtinity that comes up to reach the Okinawan people. Sunday is super packed with Ministry, some of us are sent to different bases to do Ministry where ever it is needed and some stay back to fill the needs in CC Ginowan.

My prayer for when I come back is that i would continue to be a man that still seeks after God's heart and is always ready to encourage a fellow believer and help to Grow God's kingdom. I hope that my passion that has grown so much out here would reach into the hearts of people around me so that they would see why I seek to spread the message of my savior in dark places so that God's light can shine on their lives. For me to say that I want to come home would partly be a lie because my heart for the lost has been shown how much of a need there is here in the countries that don’t have the Gospel. Not to say it’s not needed at home because it definitely is but at the same time there are so many people all over the world who have never known God as their strong tower or their hiding place let alone a loving and forgiving God. It is very spiritually dark in some of these places and there is a great need all over the earth. Let’s not forget the great commission that was given to us, lets get ready and be willing to go where God sends us whether it is in Vegas or Cambodia.

Thank you for your prayers.
Pslam 28:7