Thursday, January 6, 2011

Break in a NutShell!

Hello everyone! sorry it's been so long but it has been a very busy break/not-really break time. Pastor Tom and most of the crew is back in the states enjoying their time out there and ministering in the States.
Well while everyone was Gone a surprising amount of cool stuff happened. We got invited by Sonoko-san to come and do an English class/Christmas Party for her. We put Josh, Anna, and Taliya in charge of that and they did FANTASTIC!!!!!
God really blessed all their efforts for His kingdom and in turn really blessed those children.

Then before Christmas we were invited by Teen Challenge to have a Nabe Christmas dinner, that was amazingly delicious! The fellowship was a blast, and over all it was just an awesome blessing from our dear brothers there at Teen Challenge.

Then on Christmas Day! We had a small group go and hangout with the Moran Family, it was a really great blessing to spend the day with Chris, Julie, and Julie's parentals!

New Years was pretty quiet, well that is until Joe Magnussen busted out the game 'Sorry!
what a fun time that was! we played games all the way into the New Year, we were blessed with American and Japanese company that evening. it was alot of fun and a huge blessing.

Now it is soon time for things to get started again, Manda has already come back from spending time with the Spearmans while Adelle was born and now we are getting ready for the next semester and were starting to plan things for the wedding (whoa!)

I love you all and miss you all! God Bless!