Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day in Yomitan

It was another gorgeous day out with the students we when to a light house, conquered a Big Red Dog and then went to gorgeous beaches! Praise God for Gorgeous Islands

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sea Urchin!!!!

I finally did the thing that i wanted to do the least. i stepped on a Sea Urchin, it hurt alot! but I had to suck it up as tokito helped me get them out but that wasn't working so i swam back on to shore where our hero Irma was and she got a knife and cut it out which hurt ALOT also but once again i had to suck it up man. Praise the Lord for Irma! she helped me get the biggest one out cause the other ones will just fall out on thier own and they weren't as deep as the big one. Other than some soreness in my toe when i walk i am totally fine and i have decided to wear water boots from now on in the water LOL. but it was a gorgeous day in Nago and the beach was just plain gorgeous!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We will miss you guys

this one is for the Rusty and Amber two friends who I will miss dearly i feel like it was a bad Idea to get so close to them but at the same time I wouldn't trade these friends for anything, you guys have been a part of everything in my life in Japan and not just people in the background but you were a big part of it. I miss you guys! alot! but i'll be trying to figure out how i can see you when i stop in tokyo. i'm hoping that the flight has a sweet juice lay-over so i can see you guys maybe grab a meal or something. God bless you two! you are greatly missed here on my part and on Manda's part but i'm sure she'll tell you that.