Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goofing off

These are two completely seperate events one involving a star fish, and the other us just goofing off. the star fish we found in a small tide pool right off the edge of the Coral it was pretty big. it was awesome to see it's tiny legs cling to your hands it moves soooooo slow, it is truly one of God's more fascinating creatures.

the Puricura! lol we just finished taking a group pic and so Me, Jun, and Iza made puricura of our own. :D

Thursday, March 12, 2009

still goin!

So far all my adventures have been alot of fun, there have been slow days and there have been really really busy days. either way God is more that good to me through out those days. we are actually now preparing for an excitingly busy weekend! there are alot of fun things in store for this weekend alone. Pray that God would use me effectively this weekend and that i'd let my self be used by God and not become selfish and only want to enjoy the weekend.
Korea is coming up soon, it is going to be the very next day after Easter! I'm extremely excited about that because i get to go back out and see how the people i was able to minister to are doing and i get to see my boys who i miss very much! (love you daniel and sos) so please continue to pray for me and everyone around me that i could love them as Christ loves me.