Monday, October 20, 2008

First post

Time for an update I decided to do it this way because I saw someone do it this way and well it look much more professional than what I was doing before. So far it has been quite a trip a lot of growing a lot learning from my own mistakes and fully relying on God. It is a completely different world out here. The culture is super different and still it is very interesting to be a part of.
I have had many opportunities to go out and minister in different places and it has been a blessing, I was able to play with a Band from the church here called “Haku Gaijin” We played at a local center for Disabled children and right after we went to a house for Elderly in Japan or "Nursing house" for those who don't understand the previous term. every other wednesday i get the chance to go to Futenma and minister to marines by just hanging out with them, serving them some food, and even playing video games with them (Mom and you always said that video games could never be used to God's Glory. now they are being used for it!). to them it's good to get a free dinner and a movie and they are blessed and at the same time so are we. The other point of that night is to invite them to Friday nights at Futenma Chapel which is called "Shacainah Fridays" it is a bible study taught by Sosimo Avila for which I have been blessed to lead worship for and after that is over we head over to what we call the fellowship hall and we have Frappachinos which are made by our good friend Chaplin Woods and Chase. every single night here is a blessing because there is amazing fellowship between very passionate beleivers out here who just love to challenge and lift eachother up in God's Word and prayer. My schedule from Monday to Sunday is Monday is the Sabbath for the school and is used for taking the student's sight seeing. Tues-Friday is School and Ministry. Satuday is where we take the day to clean and any oppourtinity that comes up to reach the Okinawan people. Sunday is super packed with Ministry, some of us are sent to different bases to do Ministry where ever it is needed and some stay back to fill the needs in CC Ginowan.

My prayer for when I come back is that i would continue to be a man that still seeks after God's heart and is always ready to encourage a fellow believer and help to Grow God's kingdom. I hope that my passion that has grown so much out here would reach into the hearts of people around me so that they would see why I seek to spread the message of my savior in dark places so that God's light can shine on their lives. For me to say that I want to come home would partly be a lie because my heart for the lost has been shown how much of a need there is here in the countries that don’t have the Gospel. Not to say it’s not needed at home because it definitely is but at the same time there are so many people all over the world who have never known God as their strong tower or their hiding place let alone a loving and forgiving God. It is very spiritually dark in some of these places and there is a great need all over the earth. Let’s not forget the great commission that was given to us, lets get ready and be willing to go where God sends us whether it is in Vegas or Cambodia.

Thank you for your prayers.
Pslam 28:7