Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey everyone!
Here's the moment we have all been waiting for!
so far everything out here is UBER blessed! i'm a bit sick but that is ok. i have been given the opportunity to teach on the base and teach the childrens church at Futenma as i intern with Chaplin Wood. I'm Glad to be back there! it was nice to see some familiar faces and lots of new faces! i know i'm going to love it there cause everyone has at least one quaility from each one of you back home. please pray for my finances with me. i'm still broke but god has provided all i have need thus far and the Korea trip is coming up and i have no monies so pray that God would Provide for that so that i can go out with the students and minister to people in South Korea.
Pray For God to heal my illnesses cause they are really starting to get in the way and bug me.

Matt 5:13-16