Thursday, December 4, 2008


In these pictures you can see exactly the things that we saw walking around this Small Village on the Island with a population of 400 people and 1 Christian man. As you can see it is still verymuch as it would have looked a long time ago minus all the appliances that are run by electricity.

Erie moutains

The Island was Amazing and walking around itself was so much fun, the only thing was the mountains were like a trip to me cause they looked erie like something out of a movie.

Bonfire Fellowship

Everytime we sat bye the fire it was a good time, very relaxing and Warm :D there is something about just kicking back with other believers around a warm fire on the beach that makes everyone feel so at ease and just able to have a blessed time.

Worship at Tonaki

OK so this is our first night at Tonaki and we were all just hanging out in the center and doing some ministry by doing some worship and then we watch a movie that is called "The God Story" which is from Gen - Rev all in Japanese. it was hard to watch for me cause i was only able to catch a few words at at time but it was cool to watch.

The Chairs

So there were some awesome Massage chairs and i really wanted to try one but i had to do worship but here are some of our friends enjoying them. i later realized that there was a defibrualtor right next to the chairs so i was afraid to use them. ha ha ha.

The Ferry Ride to Tonaki!

So there was a great ride to Tonaki Jima, some choppy water and some sea sick people. but the gorgeous view off the boat was sooo worth it (that and I didn't get sea sick i was just fine) all the islands that we saw were super cool and gorgeous.


Ok so i can explain, Tokito and I were walking down the street and we heard someone yell "stop that guy!" so me and Tokito immediatley turned around and tackled the person next behind us. it turns out the guy was on the other side of the street and we tackled an old lady..........ha ha no that wasn't true really there was just a car accident out infront of the Cafe and we decidedd to go and do a bit of our own C.S.I. and me, jessica, and tokito just had some fun with the camera.