Sunday, March 6, 2011

already 6 weeks in

It feels like the semester just started but it's already six weeks in!

So much has already happened and yet i feel like it's been only a little that has happened.

This semester i've been teaching the class of Exodus for the first time and i have been loving every second of it. They are recording the classes for use by future semesters so i'm trying to make sure that i'm able to finish the whole book so that future semesters will have the whole lesson down.
In anycase it has been a huge blessing with many reminders of God's grace and the importance of obedience and submission in our lives.

The Wedding is coming along really well, Amanda and I have been extremely busy here at the Bible college so to be honest we haven't had as much time as we'd like to plan our wedding, but God has really shown us ALOT of favor in that we are blessed by other people who have stepped in alot to do things for us and help us out. Lord thank you soo much for the blessings that you have poured out on us. Thank you to everyone who is helping and making an effort to help us.

This semester the students are (again) a huge blessing, each of them has a different story of what is going on in their life, and what God is doing in their lives. everyone has such a special relationship with our Lord and yet it's still exactly what we have in common; and thru that God blesses every moment of fellowship. please continue to pray for the students, pray for God to help them with all the work that they have to do, pray for God to give them patience with all the staff (^-^), and above all pray for them to leave as a completely different person in the Lord, transformed, renewed, and refreshed by the Lord.

Please remember me in your prayers:
Pray for my health
Pray for God's provision to continue
Pray for God to continue to deepen my love for Him and His Word
Pray for God to keep the fire in my heart for the lost burning hot
Pray for the wedding
Pray for Me and Amanda's vision for the future.

In Christ

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